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It recorded one or 2 then stop recording them for no reason i cant figure out.  I uninstalled the client and reinstalled it and it did the same thing.  2 games and then no more recording,

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Yea don't have that one, whats inside that InstallLocation key, only the path or anything else i should add? 

Also not sure what you mean by "check where it states it should be recording."

On the right side, under Data, it mentions where it is finding the exe. I did forget to mention that there might be a Wow6432Node folder in there as well. The bottom of the image shows the full path.

Yesterday when i said it didn't work, it was because the batch file i used to automatically add the registries didn't work. I manually added them and so far it looks like it worked. 

Sounds good! Let me know if there are any further complications though.

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Will do, 3/3 games recorded. Thanks for the great support.

Having a similar problem, 5 games recorded using Plays TV but it stopped working for the next 2 games.In the videos folder they are just unplayable mp4's with black screens and no sound or time. Also said plays tv was recording in the popup at the start of the game. I did not alt tab at all during the game (sometimes that breaks the recordings). This problem happened about 2 months ago also to me but taking a break from Plays TV made it work again for the 5 games?

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