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Elite Dangerous records 1 minute then stops!

 As the title says, Elite Dangerous records 1 minute then stops.

This happens during the initial load in of the game and all you see is the Elite loading title when you check your video.

Elite Dangerous Horizons 64 bit

Plenty space on both hard disks (tried recording to both) and no real issues with other games that I have checked, Star Trek Online, Guid Wars2 so far.

Running Windows 7 Pro.

Are you running the Steam or Stand-alone version of Elite Dangerous?

It's the Stand alone version.

Ah, okay. That explains it. We unfortunately have been unable to make a proper detection for Elite: Dangerous Stand-alone version. Oddly enough, the Steam version works as intended. It has to do with the Stand-alone version's file structure that makes it nearly impossible for us to hook into it. The small amount of recording you ARE getting is our client auto-hooking into the exe, but then timing out after some time.

I will talk to Engineering and Product though about looking into the Time-out Process. I apologize that I didn't have good news to report back, but this may help escalate the proper changes to get it working. 

Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

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