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i installed it and it wont open when i try to open it again it says its already open then i close it in task manager and i try to open it again nothing happens please help!

16 people have this problem

Is there a fix or not?

@Hectrim - Not on the forum currently.

Although it varies user to user on when/how it crashes.

Right now I would recommend if you have not already:

  • Check your firewall/antivirus
  • Re-install the client
  • Run the client as Administrator
  • Check to see if it's running in any kind of Compatibility mode.

This worked for me: 

Bottom right, by the notification bar, The arrow that opens up the little mini icons. The arrow to the left of the date. Click that and right click Plays.Tv icon and exit it. Then open it from that icon. not the desktop/taskbar/windows menu. 

it still doesnt work for me

I had a great clip I wanted to upload, but now it just wont open... I have nothing open, but it says its already running.

 For a very random problem, it's still happening. Been looking into it for 11 months and no fix? And considering, since this was given the best program to get rating, to have gotten it and have this happen instantly as well, it doesn't seem random at all.

If any of you guys have some sort of virus protector, make it so that it cant block I just reinstalled the game, and then something from a virus protector that I have came up, and I let ignore, and now I don't have the problem

I solved this problem updating video drivers hope its the same on you guys

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