Why are some accounts on Plays.tv verified?

The Plays.tv website features some users that are high-profile in some way or another. They can be professional esports players, publishers/developers, industry personalities, or celebrities. A verified account establishes the account’s authenticity so you can be sure it’s legitimate.

How can I tell if a user is verified?

Verified users are visually called out by the blue checkmark next to their name. It looks like this: 

The checkmark appears in their profile, in search results mentioning that player, and when their videos are embedded on another site.

Can I get my account verified?

We don’t fulfill requests for verification from the general user base. There is no way to set it up yourself, it is a manual process performed by a Plays.tv employee.

When I signed up for my account on Plays.tv, I verified my account through my email address. Is that the same thing?

No, verifying your new account from the welcome email is a security step that makes sure that accounts are properly registered. Verified users on the Plays.tv website are verified internally by PlaysTV employees to identify accounts that meet the specified criteria.

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