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What's the best editing software to use with output file

So i recorded a few of BF 4 gameplay. When i drop the file into editing software like adobe premiere pro, the preview windows show black screen. The timeline was filled with audio only. It seems the MP4 format that was carried by's output file is a bit unique. 

Here's my recording settings:

-Resolution: 1080p

-Framerate: 60 fps

-Bitrate: 45 Mbps

-Optimize for Uploads and Share: Off

The solution to this was to drop the file to Microsoft Movie Maker, render it to the same 1080p 60 fps. With the new output from movie maker, i was able to drop the file to Premiere Pro but the quality reduced by a good amount.

take your pick.

wow. There's a lot of software. Thanks! I'll be sure to check this :D

I'd always recommend Sony Vegas. It is a heavier editing software, but the tools and ease of use for beginning users as well as all the tutorials that are out there from well known editors, it is a top choice for me.  

well, sony vegas pro is good. I've already use it before. But for the price, its expensive since im only using it for individual task. I think i forgot to mention in the description that i prefer freeware :D

Rename it from xxxxxxxxx.mp4 to and you can use it with pretty much everything.

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