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CSGO doesn't Link to PlaysTv

I already changed the playstv.cfg name and tried it again but this window doesnt pop out.

pls help me

3 people have this problem


can anyone help out on this issue? Out of me and the only other person I know who plays csgo with neither of us can get it to prompt us to connect our accounts. It's extremely annoying to not be able to have the features that the program is supposed to have. I've put in multiple support tickets and they always respond with like "Yeah ok we'll check it out" and nothing has come of it.

when i installed the programm i could "add csgo" and all was fine. i had to reinstall my OS and now it wont "connect" to csgo. So i have same issue now. 

Hey guys! i had the same issue but i could solve it. Just read this. (sorry for my bad english, its not my native language)

@HDLuckySlevin - Thanks for posting that! We are noticing a trend with users being unable to add their account due to an ASCII problem or someone on their friend's list who has special characters. I believe we already working on a solution.

Same issue here. Hopefully that fix comes out soon.

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