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Record error League of Legends. Please help

when i'm trying to save match on league of legends appears this message

"Record error. Alt+tab out of the game for more information"

Any fix for this problem?

6 people have this problem

i too have this problem but for CSGO tho.

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 really?! still no answer from the support............

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For issues we typically focus on the ticket system. It allows for better sorting and to find how many people are facing a particular issue. If you have already made a ticket and it has not been answered, I'd recommend posting the 5-digit ticket number here so I can move forward on it. 

However, the vague issue of Alt+Tab error would be very difficult to mass reply for a solution, because everyone's PC is different in one way or another. More than likely the issue is related to Error 22 (which is stated in the logs, but may not appear). For those are having this issue, are you using AMD GPU's?

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Does that mean Client won't record PBE games? It doesn't record my PBE matches at all.

esas instrucciones son para raptr. yo tengo playstv... De todas formas entre a %APPDATA% y abri el archivo playstv.cfg. Pero NO sale "iqs_index = # ".

Usted no puede cambiar el índice de coeficiente intelectual para como se hace actualmente con Raptr. Puede intentar eliminar la carpeta AppData y que puede restablecerlo para comprobar de nuevo, pero no hay ninguna promesa de que iba a funcionar.


You are unable to change the iqs index for like you can with Raptr currently. You can try deleting the appdata folder and that might reset it to check again, but there isn't any promise that it would work. 

wow really... is there still no solution?! no answer yet ._.

It's not a widespread issue and typically might just be affecting a few people. I would recommend creating a ticket about the issue if it's persisting. 

I have this problem too... Even though it says it's recording the game, no recording of the game session pops up.

Ok intentare eso para ver que sucede 

mmmmmm se me soluciono bajando todas las calidades, intenta si te resulta tambn, saludos :D

I think i may have found a fix, it worked for me anyways. all i did was went into Settings > Accounts and disconnected my league of legends account and then reopened League Of Legends and reverified. hopefully that works for you guys

gg support afk?

no puedo grabar en 720 porq aparece el mensaje  "Record error. Alt+tab out of the game for more information"

No se puede grabar en 720 debido a las limitaciones en base a su PC. Pido disculpas por las molestias. Usted puede aprender más acerca de los requisitos del sistema aquí: ENLAZAR


You cannot record in 720 due to limitations based on your PC. I apologize for the inconvenience. You can learn more about the system requirements here: LINK

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