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Record error League of Legends. Please help

when i'm trying to save match on league of legends appears this message

"Record error. Alt+tab out of the game for more information"

Any fix for this problem?

6 people have this problem

i too have this problem but for CSGO tho.

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gg support afk?

aqui en mexico tambien tenemos este problema,,, una solucion porfavor <3 arigato 

I have this problem too... Even though it says it's recording the game, no recording of the game session pops up.

mmmmmm se me soluciono bajando todas las calidades, intenta si te resulta tambn, saludos :D

 really?! still no answer from the support............

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For issues we typically focus on the ticket system. It allows for better sorting and to find how many people are facing a particular issue. If you have already made a ticket and it has not been answered, I'd recommend posting the 5-digit ticket number here so I can move forward on it. 

However, the vague issue of Alt+Tab error would be very difficult to mass reply for a solution, because everyone's PC is different in one way or another. More than likely the issue is related to Error 22 (which is stated in the logs, but may not appear). For those are having this issue, are you using AMD GPU's?

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Yo Verun, you havent replied to me in 2 days -.- #23601

I am using an AMD GPU

@hushy - Sorry about that. Got swamped with something coming and then I was out for a doctor's appointment. I'm going to reply right now.

ye me too and i havent found a solution yet :/

Any chance you can pick this up again Verun? Really want it sorted so i can start recording again.

@hushy - Replied back. We had a 3-day weekend. Sorry about that -_-

wow really... is there still no solution?! no answer yet ._.

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