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Why no fps overlay?

Geforce experience has fps overlay, and its so nice to have!

With crimson, and not being friendly with 3rd party programs (crashing games if fraps or rivatuner statistics server overlay fps display running), there should be a native fps display for us, that we could rely on.

I want to say there was talks of it, but I'm not 100% sure. I do know that we have an FPS display in Raptr, but unsure whether we wanted to adopt that into the client yet. 

I've never seen rapt's fps overlay. i set the keys to display and toggle and nothing show.

@bobalazs - Which games have you tried it on?

Tried it on aion, ets2

Both of those games don't have in-game enabled by default. Typically because we found a problem with it. They might explain why the FPS overlay is not working. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Ponieważ Raptr już nie działa a staje się bardziej samodzielny, może warto by zaimplementować licznik fps i możliwość zapisu zrzutów ekranu do klienta . Oczywiście można kożystać z dodatkowych programów ale bardzo podobają mi się wyniki waszej pracy i chciałbym by to narzędzie było bardziej złożone i przydatne. Pozdrawiam 

Since Raptr is no longer working and becomes more standalone, it might be worth implementing a fps counter and the ability to save screenshots to the client. Of course you can use additional programs but I like the results of your work and I would like this tool to be more complex and useful. Regards

It's something we're talking about actually. I doubt anything would be done by the time Raptr closes, but I know we're looking into more options and capabilities.

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