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Plays TV Won't save games over like 20 minutes?

So I'm trying to record my League of Legends games, and all of a sudden it seems like games over 20 minutes dont get saved or something. I can play a 19 minute game and it will be saved and I can watch it, but If the game goes like 25 minutes or above it doesn't show up afterwards, like it didn't even record it. Any ideas? The client shows that it will record "2 hours 13 minutes of Session footage" so I don't know what the problem is. Thanks!

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Do you know if this is only happening in League of Legends?

Have you checked your HD space to ensure it's not filling up?

Idk I only used it for League, and no my HD has plenty of space.


Make sure to check the Temp folder as well. 

However, I'd recommend making a ticket if you have not already about this issue specifically. Here is how you should make a ticket:

1. In the Windows notification tray, go to the PlaysTV icon and right-click on it.  Choose Help, then Feedback. 

2. In the new window that comes up select a category, input your email address (this is where responses will be sent) and then put in a description of the issue you are facing. Please be as descriptive as you can.

3. Add a checkmark to the "Send log file (for technical problems)" box.

4. If possible, reply back to this forum post to let us know that you have sent it. Thank you!

What could it be with the Temp folder? One thing I just remembered is that I moved my League Client from my SSD to my HD, thats when I noticed it was having issues, I also changed the video folder to my HD, but I left my temporary video folder in my SSD, could this have brought up an issue?


It's possible. Is your SSD close to being full? If it is, and reaches it's cap, it would probably stop recording. You may want to change it over to your HDD if it has substantial room.

No both my SSD and HD have plenty of space, perhaps I'll try and make both of the folders on my HD and see if that fixes it.

It's worth a shot at least. Let me know the results.

I have the same issue. I tried to record long 40-minutes video in Star Wars: Battlefront game and I've had same symptoms like @skruggles had.

I'd probably recommend that you both make a ticket when you can with the above instructions. Make sure to post the ticket # here so I know where to find it.

I'd also recommend checking your save and temp file locations and making sure your harddrives are not full.

Make a ticket?I wait for the answer from the support 3 days

@xSupportBoy - Support doesn't work over the weekends or at night. Since you made your ticket Friday evening, then yes, unfortunately you will have to wait 3 days for us. Some may have to wait longer unfortunately depending on the issues, but we're working our hardest to get to everyone.

I'll reply back to your ticket regarding your issue.

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