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Problems with league of legends

My problem is that all videos recorded in league of legends are completely black and show like this:

the only thing recorded is the sound

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What type of PC do you have?

Are you using a desktop or laptop?

Do you know what type of GPU you have?

I have laptop (lenovo g50-45) with amd radeon(tm) r5 graphics and amd radeon hd 8500. But the problem is only for league of legends, for example for heartstone it works properly.

Are Hearthstone and CSGO the only games that you play on the laptop? Is there is another game by chance you can try? I'm wondering if CSGO is utilizing the HD 8500 because it's a bit more graphic intensive, while Hearthstone can run off the default chipset due to it's lower graphical needs.

Well, yes, i see a black screen also in dota..

@Henriquerns - Translation is a bit off. Did you start getting Black Screen upon installing Windows 10?

@iznob - Okay, then it's probably as I thought. Graphically intensive games will show a black screen because they are utilizing the 8500, instead of the integrated video. Hearthstone can probably utilize that integrated video and thus it records without issues. There are only a few methods you might be able to do to remedy this, but it's not 100% certain.

  • Ensure that all video drivers are up to date. This includes your integrated video.
  • In your Radeon Settings, there might be a setting to increase power to a "High Performance" mode. After doing this, restart your laptop. There is a chance that it could start utilizing the 8500 all the time instead of the integrated. 

Well, in general i play only lol (not csgo xD) and hearthstone, but tomorrow i can try dota.

@iznob - Lol okay, that's fine. That would definitely fit into the category of League of Legends (and yeah my bad on the game title replacement. I deal with so many issues per day :p). So that can help us figure out whether it will show a black screen or not. 

same problem D:

Siiiim !!!! O meu tb está dando isso,alem do app está bugando e fechando automaticamente... essa parada de tela preta começou dps de ter atualizado para windows 10

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