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"This name calling is already linked to another account Playstv.

"This name calling is already linked to another account Playstv.

I want to record and link it to League of Legends

But the bill does not leave me a solution?

It is the first time you use this service

What is the name of your League of Legends account?

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It appears to be tied to a "Berry_playslocas" account on Does that ring any bells?

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No, I do not know it :/

I have gone ahead and removed MR DON MEMO from that account. I would recommend you try and attach it soon.

Thanks So Much Verun.

No problem :-)

could you do the same for summunor Gorzil1


@Gorzil - I think I helped you out yesterday in your ticket. Can you confirm that with me? Thanks!

it say's "This summoner name is already linked to a different account."      help me pleas

@khajit123 - Can you provide for me the name of your Summoner name?

Hi, i'm having the same issue and it wont sync to my account currently. IGN is Deshicake. Any chance you could help?

@jarodthegod - From best I can tell, it doesn't seem like that account is bound to anyone else. But you're just unable to bind it? Could be an issue with League detection if it's not prompting you. Did you make any recent changes to your boot drive, or move League of Legend's location?

SAME so frustrating. gonna do a ticket

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