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Help with Solving Play.TV Recording Issues (Relates with VCE and graphics cards.)

I'd like to record gameplay better as currently the gameplay I record seems to be picky with what games it will record badly and what ones it will record at a decent level.

Looking at the FAQ, I think this is because my graphics card (An AMD Radeon R7 200 series) doesn't have Video Coding Engine (VCE). According to the FAQ, I think I meet all the other requirements (A HDD with more than enough RPM, a quad core processer and a GPU with enough RAM) but since I lack the VCE, I'm wondering if getting a graphic card with VCE would solve this?

I'm considering getting the MSI AMD Radeon R7 370 4GB RAM, as according to the AMD website and Wikipedia, it has VCE though I'm unsure if getting a graphics card with VCE alone will solve this issue.

Does anyone have an MSI AMD Radeon R7 370 4GB RAM and are they able to record with fine? and is there anything else which might be a problem which I have overlooked?

If you were to get a video card that has VCE, you should notice a significant increase in quality. Software Encoding (which is probably what you're facing right now) can be very dependent on the game to determine it's quality and performance. 

A R7 370 shouldn't have any issues recording hardware wise. There have been some reports of users having some issues with Crimson drivers and higher 300 series cards, but this can usually be solved with a work around we have or getting the Hotfix. 

Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. 

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What problems? And if I were to have problems with the R7 370, would the issues be fixed by downloads on AMD's website?

@PyroANTIC - There is a current issue called "Error 22" where it will state that you're unable to record in some games. We have a work-around that tends to fix it for most users, but it's not 100%. AMD has a driver hotfix (16.1) but most users have stated that they have not seen a resolution from that. However, we're also working to get this issue resolved on our end as well.

Worst case scenario is that the recording doesn't work for a short period of time. We definitely want to work with the higher end AMD cards. However, the work-around we have has been working for a grand majority of the users with this problem. Also, we notice the majority of the users having issues are R9 380 holders. It's possible it may not affect the R7 370.

Alright, thanks. Your detailed answer has helped alleviate my fears. : )

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