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Huge degradation of quality on uploading (only 320p?)

So I play in Eyefinity and record max settings 1080/60/50mb. I know that my vid will be essentially a strip in the middle of a 1080 video. The video on my local folder is decent quality but the uploaded version is really really bad. The resolution bit in the corner says its only 320p.

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@Ballistica - Do you know if you have "Optimize Videos for Upload and share" enabled?

@Verun I believe it is enabled, I'll try unselecting it

@Ballistica - Yeah, do that. It might give you a huge boost in quality once uploaded. However, they will take longer to upload too.

(Note: Typically when a video finally posts, it will show in 480. Give it some more time though and it should upload to the correct resolution/quality)


Ive unticked the box and left the videos to upload for several hours ( I have very good internet) but the version is still only in 320p.

@Ballistica - Alright, I talked to our QA team and showed them your video. This is actually something they are aware of regarding Eyefinity resolutions. The problem is that you're playing at a much larger resolution (typically 5760x1080) and then it's having to record at 1920x1080. When it then has to upload, in order for the entire screen to still fit into a usual 1080, it then needs to scale down which ends up reducing the quality down to 360. 

Unfortunately, there isn't really anything we can do until we get more support for Eyefinity. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

@Verun Thanks for your help, at least the team is aware of it. 

I'm also experiencing the same thing. I'd love to see some Eyefinity support, the application is awesome but not particularly useful for an Eyefinity gamer :(

@Jamessuperfun - We understand. Resolutions that go outside the norm can be tricky to deal with. However, this is something we may be interested in looking at and getting further support for. Right now, I believe 2k and 4k will probably take a precedence over Eyefinity, but we understand that there are those that are passionate about using Eyefinity. As Triple and Double monitor displays become increasingly popular (which they already are, but Eyefinity hasn't quite caught on too heavily) we'll probably look into more options. 

Who knows, at this rate we may have to start looking into VR recording in the future! :p

 "Optimize videos for upload and share" should have an info box when selected or something for those who don't or didn't know (me included) what it does. Or even a just forum post/PSA to let people know that it will severely drop quality for almost halved upload times.
I'm pretty bummed out that it took so long for me to find what the problem was after so many uploads being ruined pixel quality wise. Picture related is how I stumbled across this thread after finding the problem through trial and error.

(29.4 KB)

We do have this article we created:

Do you think it needs to be more apparent? Something like a "What does the Optimize for Upload & Share button do"?

I can also try talking with our team about possibly adding an info button about it.

I think an info box may be the best solution to warn users as they tick the box that much quicker uploads comes with a price so to speak.
To be completely honest I didn't search extremely hard. Maybe some better keywords or phrases to help with the search?

@AzzaDubz - We have intentions on fixing some of the search terms, etc already. So hopefully that should help. 

Adding the info near the box would require some engineering effort, so I wouldn't expect it soon.

Ah, good to hear. Just wanted to sort of get the word out so other people fall completely clueless as to why their 1080p 50mb/s quality videos look like a bad render of minecraft. Thanks.


Eyefinity support would be most welcome here too. An effective resolution of 1920x414 really sucks.

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