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My Insight On The New Chrome Extension

Ok, I am just going to ramble here for a few inhopes someone from sees it and would like to chit chat sometime. But my name is Vaughn and I am a Twitch streamer and blogger. I have recently started using for stream highlights then my YouTube.

With the release of Chrome Extension it is very needed for the streaming community but there are some things I think should know about. I have been in betas for other 3rd party addons like this but they seem to not understand how a stream works, so I hope someone from will.

  • needs to work on a Firefox verison on the addon for sure. There isn't a reliable one out there at all.

  • Some streamers hate these recording addons and offering a "opt out" might be needed. It could solve the issue with people who are privacy worried. I know it's silly but they do exist.

  • Will streamers have the option to save highlighted clips from their stream to their account? It would be a great way to bring back viewer made highlights because for some reason Twitch removed this feature ages ago.

  • NSFW clips get taken a lot and shared online from stream fails to very crude things. The should be a report clip feature for sure and hope there is an active modding group for them.

  • The timeframe seems to be 40 seconds (i might be wrong) but having 1 minute clips would be better to edit down. That might be more resource heavy but sometimes capturing messes up and you miss the part you wanted to capture.

  • During events like CSGO, LoL and others, will capture be stable still? With other 3rd party capture add-ons, when an event is going on Twitch the system can get clogged up and awful for people using the addon.

these are some things I wanted to ask or get opinions on and hope it helps abit.

Hey Vaughn!

Thanks for all the input regarding the new Chrome Extension feature. I'll see if I can't help give some comments on your ideas.

Firefox Addition: We totally know. Baby steps though :-)

Streamer Privacy: While we do completely respect privacy of the users, there is no method to have a 'private' stream on Twitch. So anything a streamer is usually doing is already open to the public. When you upload a clip from a streamer, the video will be uploaded with the streamer's Twitch username (it will create one if they are not on If they are a user with the Twitch ID attached, then they will become the owner). We wanted to make it very clear that the person taking the clip was not the owner, but merely is a fan of a great moment from this streamer and wants to give them more exposure. If the streamer has ownership of the video ( account with their Twitch ID attached), then they should be able to delete the video if they don't like it.

Streamer Sharing: Yes. If they are watching themselves via the stream, they can share a clip from their own stream and it will upload to As long as they have account setup, they will gain immediate ownership. Otherwise, they'll have to create a account, attach their Twitch profile, which then should automatically give them ownership of the video. 

NSFW Clips: While we do allow almost any upload from a game despite their content (See Witcher 3 for instance) we don't tolerate things that are excessively violent, racist, gruesome or overly sexual; especially when it relates to the real world. As such, if someone is streaming a game that has sexual content, we will usually allow it. However if a streamer is doing something that is considered NSFW (stripping, etc) then we ask that a user make a ticket so we can remove the video. Although thankfully Twitch themselves help with removing explicit material as well.

Higher Clip Time: Right now it's only 30 seconds. Totally agree on making it longer though. This is obviously the first iteration of the product so it's very possible that we'll advance it over time. However, I'm not sure how far we plan on going with it.

Special Events: Honestly, time will tell. We'll do the best we can to maintain good performance but we'll be testing it extensively over time and hopefully with events happening soon, we'll be able to get some good examples of high-traffic volume. 

Once again, thanks for all the input. Let me know if you have anything else you'd like to share or comment on!

Nice! I submitted this also as a ticket because the forums didn't seems like they was working right. Thanks for the feedback!

No problem!

We had to be more strict on the forums lately due to the amount of spamming that has been happening. As such, I have to moderate/confirm every post that goes through before someone can see it. While this really stinks during the times that I'm not working, the benefit is that I have a better eye on what's coming in and have been able to respond to everyone's posts that need them.

So gotta take the good with the bad I guess. :-/

If I could apply for a mod job I'd love to! I love the community!

I don't think we have any opening for moderators, but you're welcome to email in.

There you go! :-)

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