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Unable to View or Edit Replays

I've done some searching and some googling and I can't figure this out. Downloaded a few days ago and it worked for the first game. In my client, it properly shows it as a Gangplank game with my KD and saying it was a victory. I can view the clip and edit it like normal. However for all my subsequent games, it shows no stats and when I click on the video it shows "My Session Video" as the gangplank one that's in my session, and there's no trace of the actual clip that's supposed to be there. I know it actually recorded because I found the raw recordings in my videos that saved. I want to post a cool clip (don't we all?) but I can't bring up the video in my client. Thanks for any help. 


Let me see if I can get this clear to try and understand what's happening. More than likely we'll have to convert this into a ticket and get logs though.

In the image, the bottom entry (which does have match data) works just fine.

The videos above that, are not getting match data (but appear to be getting pins?)

The videos above the bottom entry also only show the video from the bottom entry? (For example, the video you have selected is showing the gameplay from the bottom entry in which you played Gangplank and got a 10/6/13 play?)

Let me know when you can.

Yep, what you said is basically how it was going. I was actually going to make an update on this later today because my problem somehow fixed itself with the latest update. I know I was using the latest update when my problem was happening, but since the newest one a day or two ago, whichever video I click on shows me the correct video. Thanks a lot for your reply either way though.

No problem. I believe there was an issue with League pin data that we identified late Friday evening and pushed out a quick fix on Sunday. So that is probably what you saw. Glad it's working for you now though. Let us know if anything else comes up!

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