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Crashing games

I was using for about a month before this started happening, and I wish it could go back to that. 

Whatever game I play (Rocket League, League of Legends, CS:GO, etc) my game crashes without explanation. It continues to happen until I close, so using my excellent detective work, I figured out that crashes my games. Are there any ideas on how to fix this? It's probably just a case of the client being interrupted by another service or process on my machine, but I would like to know what that machine is.


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Do you know when this started happening? 

Did you upgrade to AMD driver 16.1.1?

Either way, we'll probably want to get more information about why this crash is happening. I'll convert this forum post into a ticket for you, and I'll ask for logs there. Ticket # 25211

I seem to be having the same problem

@Faswari - I'd recommend making a ticket and sending in logs through this method. It can allow us to determine if there are any errors occurring and what might be causing it. Make sure to recreate the problem first before sending in the ticket.


There is an automated process for collecting logs for PlaysTV. It's easy and fast, and it gives us all the necessary files we need.

1. In the Windows notification tray, go to the PlaysTV icon and right-click on it.  Choose Help, then Feedback. 

2. In the new window that comes up select a category, input your email address (this is where responses will be sent) and then put in a description of the issue you are facing. Please be as descriptive as you can.

3. Add a checkmark to the "Send log file (for technical problems)" box.

4. Click on the Send Feedback button.

5. If possible, reply back to this forum post to let us know that you have sent it; it will allow for a faster response. Thank you!


@Faswari - I have replied to your ticket. Thanks for making that!

I tried your suggestion, didn't help. Sent in new logfiles.

any update to this exact same problem.

Faswari's issue in the ticket was resolved by restarting the client and then for unknown reasons started working. 

I have responded to your ticket to request logs. 

Odd instances where is causing a game to crash is usually as a result of us hooking into a certain portion of the video drivers, which crash for one reason or another and take the game with it. 

Not only restart, full reinstall.

@Faswari - Ah there we go! Thanks for the clarification!

i have the same problem, my worked flawlessly untill 1 day ago, now it crashes all my games as soon as the software tries to record

@Xenomy - I have replied to your ticket and requested logs. We may need to figure out why it's happening.

@Verun Help me please i've the same problem, i send you Feedback. Please repare my error quickly. Thank's !

3 months ago and this is still a recurring issue... 

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