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Crashing games

I was using for about a month before this started happening, and I wish it could go back to that. 

Whatever game I play (Rocket League, League of Legends, CS:GO, etc) my game crashes without explanation. It continues to happen until I close, so using my excellent detective work, I figured out that crashes my games. Are there any ideas on how to fix this? It's probably just a case of the client being interrupted by another service or process on my machine, but I would like to know what that machine is.


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Verun Please answer my ticket 

Replied back to you! Thanks for letting me know!

This started happening to me with overwatch 2-3 days ago... game crashes after 5-35 seconds after entering the lobby... I have to exit to be able to play overwatch...

Does this only happen with Overwatch?

ok is now fucking up all my steam games and only steam games.

cant play a game without it crashing my steam game 10seconds into it

@tesh94 - Does disabling the recording function, or entirely prevent your games from crashing?

@Verun no it doesn't. in itself is the one causing it. 

@tesh94 - It would be interesting to see your client logs to try and figure out why this is happening. Would you be able to recreate the crash on any game, and then send in the logs? Make sure to reply back here after making it so I know to go help you.

What worked for me:
I always have discord and running together.
Disable the overlay for discord for any or all games you play
go to discord settings
click "GAMES"
then under the list of "ADDED GAMES" click on the computer monitor picture to disable overlay for each game.
This way you can continue to communicate with your team by leaving discord on and you wont have your games crashing.

This worked for me. might not work for everyone. Good luck fellow gamers!


for me, discord overlaying my games is what caused it. I stopped it from overlaying my games and now the crash doesn't happen. must have been clashing with I'm guessing yall are using discord so try this. check your discord settings and hit the "GAMES" tab.
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