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My will not record League of Legends.

 Hello, as you read in the title, my league of legends client is not being recorded when I get into a game. It gives no indicator of recording whatsoever.

System specs:


16 GB Ram

(2) GTX 970 (SLI)

Windows 10 Pro

Any ideas?

Is upgrading to Windows 10 recent?

Is League of Legends the only game that is being affected?

Does all forms of recording not work? (Manual, Automatic, Highlights)

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I had previously working on this computer with windows 10. and all of my games are not being recorded. I have tried manual and automatic. Notta


Two last things I'll ask before converting this into a ticket.

  • Have you tried updating/re-installing your video drivers?
  • Do you have any issues recording if you disable SLI and rely on one GPU?

 I just recently did a clean install of my video drivers. I will try running some games without SLI and see if the problem persists.

Alright, I reinstalled the latest video driver (361.75) and I tried running a few different games with single GPU on, and none of them worked. I also tried to reinstall and notta (Tried single/multi gpu before and after Driver reinstall and reinstall..


@scooterprint - I went ahead and created a new ticket for this issue and requested logs from you. We'll have to figure out what is going on in the background. Hopefully we'll get this working for you soon! Ticket #25313 for your reference.

hello  I am having the same problem i tired everything too please help 

@beastin561 - This is a really old forum post, so the issues could be different despite the same symptom. I would recommend creating a ticket with logs attached after recreating the problem so we can investigate more. You can also try elevating the client as Administrator and see if it helps.

To send in logs, right-click the icon in the task bar and select Help > Feedback. Fill out the info there and make sure the box at the bottom left is checked.

I'll be locking this topic to avoid further necro'ing.