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Terrible crashing since the last raptr patch.

Got the raptr update yesterday, that made futher integration with plays tv, and now the client is barely usable. it crashes constantly when looking through my recroded videos, crashes when recording, crashes when just looking at it. 

That's odd since we've been doing numerous amount of testing. We'll need to see why this is happening to you. I'll convert this forum post into a ticket and then request your logs. 

While I appreciate your testing You can't possibly test every machine configuration out there, so there's always going to be some issue somewhere. That said I also appreciate any help I can get as this has made rapter/plays unusable for me.

 How about just condense back into one client? I can tell part of the issues seems to be a conflict when plays is opening when I click raptr links. 2 clients is really just a mess asking for trouble to begin with. 

Having the 2 clients does actually provide different benefits that most people don't see right up front. However, we'll be looking into enhancing it soon. 

I am having problems aswell, session videos appear to stop after 30 seconds or so (I presume the recoding is crashing?) and after being in a game for a while the record highlight option also fails to work, I assume due to the recording dying again?

Since the Raptr/ update recording is essentially useless now :(


@WiZZyWiGG - As mentioned, we're going to be making improvements. As for your issue, I would recommend creating a ticket if it continues as we can look into why it's crashing. 

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