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Not internet connection

It says, not internet connection but I have got connection.What should I do ?

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Check your firewall/antivirus to ensure it's not blocking 

Open as Administrator. 

If the above does not work, let me know and we'll continue to try and figure out what is happening.

Me too have this problem pls help!

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@kiberaleks - Did you try doing the things I mentioned in my post?

yes and no effect


Me too


Does it state that error immediately, or does it take some time?

Additionally, are you using a VPN?

ok I solved this problem , need delete antivirus 

same problem here! I have no antivirus program to uninstall. Client keep says "You're currently offline. Check your internet connection."

@ereyn - Where is it stating this? In the Explore tab, or does it happen as more of a pop-up window that is not allowing you to view anything? A screenshot could be used as well.

@Verun it always says no internet connection. Sometimes allows me to show explore videos. But never allows to login/register. ss

I turned off the "windows protection" virus and firewall try to do it.

@ereyn - Typically that has something to do with it being blocked. Following kiberaleks advice would be good. You could also try elevating the client to Administrator.

@Verun I checked firewall, allowed all .exe's in client folder. Tried to run all .exe's as administrator. Nothing changes. Still says you're offline. I'm desperate.

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