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"This name calling is already linked to another account Playstv."

i can't link my League of Legends account, It's already linked to another playstv account, i want to record but i can't, please help.

I have responded to your ticket and Resolved it. Let me know if you need anything else.

I have it too ..

first time I downloader that program and its already said its linked to another account ..

@Nastias - Is it for your League of Legends account? 

Can you provide me the Summoner Account name?

i can add you and show you that im playing with the account ...


right now i got silver 4

server eune 

show me how to bring a picture and i will if it will help you

found the way okay never mind .. i uploading picture .. you will see


@Nastias - I have gone ahead and removed your account from the other user. You should be able to bind it correctly now.

This has happened to me too! My ingame name is 'CompletelyViable'

I have bind my steam (csgo) account to a previous account that I forgot the credentials to, so I cannot unbind it from there :c Username is "Yorisu"

@Aidanh15 - I have gone ahead and unbound the "CompletelyViable" Summoner name for you.

@Yorisu-san - Would you rather I help you get the credentials for your original account? Or unbind the CSGO account so you can place it on the new one?

@Verun It would be really nice if you could unbind the CSGO account :) Thanks in advance

@Yorisu-san - It has been unbound. Let me know if you have any other issues!

@Verun Hey I have a question that you could maybe answer  . I just deleted my old acc.  and made a new one but now I cant connect my league account to the new one cuz its binded to the old one .. And I cant login to the old account to remove my league account from there obv. cuz its gone  .. do you have a solution for me ? .°:/  my ingame summonername is "SchokoCrispy" on EUW  and my name is Wheelsky and my old's account name where the league account I want was bind to  was " LuckyM8"

@Wheelsky - I can definitely help, but it depends on which route you want to go. Would you rather:

A) Have me reactivate your old account so you can start using it again?


B) Remove the Summoner ID from that old account so you can rebind it to the Wheelsky account?

Let me know which you would rather me do.

@Wheelsky - From what I see, there are no summoners bound to LuckyM8, nor Wheelsky; could there be another account involved?