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Recording length with unlimited

I have my recording space set to unlimited but if i play for hour and a half to 2 hours it says session will be ending and says to go to preferences to change storage limit for recording,but i do have it set to unlimited space,and it does stop recording.Is this a glitch or how can i fix this?

Thank you

Have you checked your Temp Storage to see if that is getting capped?

How would i change the temp limit?

Temp Storage shouldn't have a limit. But sometimes it can be defaulted to a drive that is already near full.

Then i dont think its that then

You could try making a ticket and sending in your logs after getting that error. Best method to create a ticket would be to right-click on the Icon and choose Help > Feedback. Then post back here and let me know that you created it so I can look it up. 

I have this same problem, my ticket number is #27363

@Amadues - I have replied to your ticket. Thanks for making that!

I was able to fix my problem by entering 1000.0 GB into the Auto-Manage space field, although I think you could probably use any amount. When PlaysTV was only recording two hours I did not have the box checked, but the default amount of 100GB was there. After I changed it I was able to record multiple videos that were over 4 hours long. I don't know if the check box and size field are not related, but it did solve the problem for me.

Thanks for letting me know the solution you found. We'll take a look on our end and see if we can't enhance that. 

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