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Screen all fuzzy when i record

When ever my recording finishes i always get like a weird screen and i can't watch it? Help please
You can see the image below.

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@foundergaming - That's actually a slightly different issue that usually has to do with improper hooking or driver issues. I found the ticket you made and responded to it for logs. Thanks!

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still have this problem in 1.12.1


Still have this issue with version: 1.11.2 

Anyone know the solution?

Find the icon in the Taskbar, right-click it and choose Help > About

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I am downloading what I assume is the latest version now. It seems to be called 1.9.0 though based on the update notes. Is there a way within the client to search for updates or to check current version?

Thanks for the response.

@Fingman - He never responded back to resolve his issue. However, currently there is a known bug that is causing the same type of distortion. We recommend using version 1.9.1 of the client and let us know if you're still having this problem.

I have this same issue, was there an outcome to this?

Sounds like it might be a hooking issue. I'll ask for logs in the ticket you made. #26240 for your reference.

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