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(Help)Snow screen, bug with and league of legend

I can not register my party league of legend. Look at this.

  This succeeded with another game but not with Lol.

I saw on another subject that was a bug because of an update but we still can not. Tell me how to solve the problem please ..

It's annoying

3 people have this problem

That is typically an issue with Intel chipsets or AMD APU's.

Only way you can typically fix it is by reinstalling/updating to the most recent video drivers for Intel. Have you tried doing that yet?

Thanks you but  I think it changes nothing. There will be an update?

I tried and it does not work. please help me, I love this app

And i have Gtx 780 M , Intel core i7 and driver update.. I don't know why this appli don't work.. 

@kooler98 - Thanks for letting me know. I'll respond to your ticket.

The same thing is happening to me it was right after I updated my Nvidia drivers and now only for league it does this snow effect. 

This is what my computer has GeForce GTX 745. Intel(R) Core i3-4150 and this started happening after I updated my drivers on 05/27/2016 at 3:15 am 

pls get back to me asap thanks.

@kaw022097 - My apologies for not getting back to you earlier. Do you notice this issue with the most recent Nvidia drivers released on 06/07?

Additionally, check to see if League of Legends or is set into some kind of Compatibility Mode in it's Properties. If it is, disable it and try recording again.

I'm getting exactly the same thing. It was the same driver update as the guy above. I'm running an Nvidia GeForce GTX 750.

That's what I see. I have re-installed drivers and client

We believe it's an issue related to the 700 (and possibly 600) series of Nvidia cards. Have you tried previous drivers from Nvidia to see if it helps? I basically want to see if it's something in the new Nvidia drivers, or something in our client, or possibly both.

Well i got a bigger problem, it wont even start here's what I'm getting

@Verun -  I got it to open but still the same problem with the snow effect

It happened when I installed an update to the Nvidia drivers rather than Plays.TV. Previously to the driver update on 06/07 the recordings had been working perfectly. There have been 2 updates to Plays.TV since that haven't corrected the problem. I will roll back my drivers if I can but I would assume it's the Nvidia drivers. I would however like to keep them up to date.


@denday831 - I agree. It might have to do with a change on our end, but it would be good to know if it's that exact patch, or something else.

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