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How to link to a specific time in the video?

Hi guys,

I was wondering how I can link to a specific time in the video.

For instance, on youtube, there is the "t=" parameter that you can put in the URL so that the video starts playing at the time you want it to play.

For instance:

Notice the t=1m52s at the end of the URL. That means when you click on the link, the video is going to start playing at 1 minute and 52 seconds.

How can I do this for videos?

Thanks in advance.

That is actually a really good idea. 

Currently we don't have a feature like that. 

Typically we're meant for just capturing the exact moments that people want so you don't have to find exact time frames in a longer video (even though we can support longer videos). Either way, I'd recommend right-clicking on the icon in the task bar, Help > Feedback and letting us know there. Tickets are more easily seen by our development team. We appreciate you letting us know about this good idea!

Indeed, playstv is a great tool to share that one moment.

Alright, I'll submit the idea to the devs as you've suggested.

Thanks for the reply!

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