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Remove 4GB Limit on recorded videos


I have tried searching for this, and so far nothing has turned up in my searches.

Is the client dev team able to remove the 4GB limit on recorded videos of gameplay? I really hate to go hunting thru my folders for chunks of 4GB MP4 files to locate which ones belong to a specific gaming session.

Other 3rd party recorders such as FRAPS and Bandicam are able to do this, and I hope client will be able to, too. Then I can stop loading yet-another-software for gaming.


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It all depends on how the files are created.

This 4GB limitation only appears in Windows 7. 

Even Shadowplay, which uses similar recording functions to us, has this limitation although they have a slight work-around:

"On Windows 7 or Windows Vista, ShadowPlay can record up to 10 minutes of video in Shadow Mode and up to 4GB (around A: 15 minutes) of video in Manual Mode.

This is a limitation of the OS, even when Windows 7 is installed on an NTFS partition. Shadowplay creating a second file is their way of getting around this limitation on Windows 7.

NVIDIA uses an mp4 muxer (software that combines recorded audio and video) that comes with Windows 7, it is what is causing the 4GB limit."

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