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Seperate Audio Tracks

We really need an option to seperate the audio tracks. I really like recording highlights via, but there are some problems. 1st: I ALWAYS listen to music. And this music is a) copyrighted or b) does not fit the game/highlight I recorded.

2nd: Many people, including me are hanging around on a TS Server 24/7. The result is, that I always have some stupid talking about random stuff in the background, which nobody wants to hear. A option to split these tracks has to be available asap! For example, I can use OBS/Dxtory + Voicemeeter to record multiple audio tracks, that I can split during editing in premiere.


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Right...that's why I can't use and have to resort to Dxtory AMF codec capped at ~45 FPS recording...

Btw same goes for recording microphone right? You can't separate microphone audio from in game audio?

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In my opinion they really should add a feature to mute some sounds in the recording and add music or such on it or like just wipe it all and add other sounds or voice things Idk :D

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I also would like options to separate recording tracks and add audio to explain what I was doing after playing.

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