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PlaysTV only works with custom games on LoL

So I have a weird problem where my PlaysTV only records custom games and games that I spectate. Whenever I get into an online matchmaking game it doesn't record. Has anyone had a similar problem? The custom games I tested I was alone but it worked 4 games in a row. I then tried a ranked game and nothing. The manual start/stop doesn't work either in my online matchmaking games. 

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@Laeonix - We've definitely had reports of this, but it's very difficult to figure out why. By design, it should be recording pretty much any type of LoL game. It looks like you've made a few tickets about the issue. I'll combine them and then request logs from you. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Same problem 

( I can record in custom but not in matchmaking ) 

Try to reinstall league, it worked for me.

Thx its work

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