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Stuck at processing

 A clip of mine has been stuck at this screen for the last 50 minutes.
It's not the first time it has happened, what do i do?

2 people have this problem

Most of the time it just hit a hiccup unfortunately. 

Have you tried re-uploading the video?

How can you re-upload a video once deleted though? it still shows as "uploaded" and "watch on" but no option to upload it again, and of course the link leads nowhere now. Help please :(

I believe you can fix this by renaming the file when is closed. Plays will then find the video and see it as something new, more than likely as "Unknown Game". 

It happens to me too and I dont know how to fix it :(

@emylio - Does it happen to all your videos, or just some of them?

Just some of them and only sometimes @Verun

This may be somewhat off-topic, but still somewhat on topic—anyway, they should have a feature to show you how long the video's going to be processing for. Probably 'N/A' or 'Error' or something in the case of a video in processing limbo.

Well the Processing typically shouldn't be too long so we're looking into that issue. But I believe we are looking at better wording/messaging for the user to determine the issue.

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