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How can I start recording steam games, recording is not working for steam games.

It will record the game when I load from the shortcut on the desktop, but when I load steam games it does not record.

Please help


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That's very odd, it should be working the same since it's applying the same exe. More than likely we'll need to see logs for this. However, have you notice that it is happening to all Steam games, or just a few? Which games have you noticed it not recording when you open from the Steam launcher?

Actually you know, it is just Ashes of the Singularity in DX12 mode. This requires an option to load in windows 10 dx12 before starting.

Thanks, I did not realise that.

Any idea on a fix?

i will message the dev as well

Ah okay. We're not recording in DX12 yet. It's a Work in Progress.

So that makes sense why it's not recording for it. 

It does record in dx12 if I run their exe file, but nit through a steam loadup

Very interesting. I'll have QA check it out. I'm not sure what games they have or have not tested with DX12.

I'm noticing all my steam launched games aren't showing up in Plays either

It records just fine from Guild Wars 2, but I can't get steam launched games work

it's like it just doesn't notice there's a game playing at all.

Using Win 7 here

@armaina - Did you make any changes to your boot drive without reinstalling your Steam games?

It's possible it could be timing out in the recording function if it's not detecting what game it's playing.

A good way to test it would be to try reinstalling a small sized Steam Game and then see if it records after that.

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