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Recording Problem

Plays.Tv only records the first game I play when I launch League of Legends, and doesn't record any games after the first one. My current solution is to restart the client after each game to be able to record it. The reproduction rate of this is 10/10. Also, when I switch accounts after first game, it also does not record the following game, even though it is connected to Plays.Tv. Any solutions?

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Hey CupaCupa, 

I see you made a ticket about this issue too. I'll more than likely need to see logs to determine what the issue might be so I'll request them there.

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Hello Verun, I wouldn't mind sending you the logs, but how do I do that?

Looks like you were able to send them. I'll continue helping you in the ticket.

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Hello Verun, may I ask you a question? How long does it usually take to process a 40 second clip in 1080p, 60FPS, and in 50 Mb/s? The client informed me that it has been uploaded, but when I open it, it says it's processing.


It shouldn't take too long, maybe 5 minutes to get it going, and maybe a few minutes after that to get the full 1080 resolution. There was an issue with videos getting caught in the processing loop, but we should have made a change that helped make it not happen as often. Is it only with that video, or does it happen with all your videos?

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