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Auto-Play Loud Swearing

Uploaded my first video, clicked the "See it on" link and was greeted with "This video is processing and will start playing with finished" and an auto playing video of somebody else below it and off my visible page.  Normally this would just be obnoxious... aside from the "gentlemen" in the video yelling "We are f***ing gods!".  This all happened before I could mute my system with the kids in the room...

Seriously.... first and last video I will upload here.

The wonderful video you decided to auto play for me and my kids:

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I want the old version of the site back where we aren't forced to watch videos automatically. Simple solution. Don't pull stuff like this on your users. If a disable auto-play option is not added, I too might decide to stop using Not to mention with the latest Windows 10 update, no longer automatically deletes recordings, and I have had to manually delete them.

I apologize that you and your children were subjected to that type of language. However, we usually do not censor foul language unless it is excessively vulgar or degrading. The reason that video probably appeared was because of the relation to the game, Rocket League. As you scroll down in the link you provided, you will see other Rocket League videos. 

In what ways would you want to change it?

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