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Recording Stopping and Starting during a Game

Hello all,

I've been having the issue with the new Plays.TV client where after a recording session, the session was split up into two or more videos making it seem like the client stops and starts the recording by itself during a session. When it does this it misses anywhere from 2 - 30 seconds of footage. Multiple video files for one session makes video management rather difficult. Not to mention the missing footage is sometimes important to the recording and it gets cut out. The video length that the storage/temp storage will allow the client to record is more than ample for the length of the sessions (they're usually under 40 minutes per session while the client allows over an hour of recording time).

This issue is rather baffling and I'd love to get it resolved as soon as I can.

- Thanks, Tempest

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Which version of Windows are you running?

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