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Replay Video broken up

Since the new update my replay videos that I manually recorded have been broken up like the recording was stopped and started again. Sometimes I'm missing crucial seconds where I'm saying something or doing something and it gets cut out because the video was cut up into separate videos by Plays.TV for some reason unknown to me.

Which version of Windows are you running? 

Did this happen prior to updating and using

I'm running Windows 7 ultimate. And prior to the update, my replays were kept as one video instead of being broken up.

Did you change the recording quality before the update? We used the same encoding from Raptr and so nothing should have changed there. Although we know that Windows 7 has an issue with that type of encoding that puts a limit on 4GB, so thus it creates more files when hitting that limit. Windows 8.1 and 10 do not have that limitation though.

No I didn't. It's still the same quality and bit rate.

Hmm...not entirely sure what to tell you. I know that Windows 7 has that limitation before we even created our recording software. I experienced the same thing when I would record. Upon moving over to Windows 10, it doesn't fragment the videos anymore. 

I can't think of any other reason that it would fragment the videos. You may be able to determine if this is the issue based on the size of the files that are getting split.

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