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No Recorded Sound - CS:GO and RocketLeague

My recorder does not record sound for Rocket League nor CS:GO.  I'm positive this is a setting on my end I need to adjust because other videos on have sound.  Also, my recorder records sound for League of Legends, Fallout 4, and Elder Scrolls Online just fine.

What sorts of information do you need from me to help troubleshoot this issue?

What type of headset/speakers do you have?

I have logitech surround speakers plugged into a Claro II sound card.  I also have a USB wireless logitech G930 headset.  Sound plays through my speakers, not my headset, and when recording I get sound in ESO, Fallout 4, League of Legends and from Teamspeak and Ventrilo, but not CS:GO, Rocket League, and also now Hearthstone.

My settings for sound is set to "stereo" (even though I could have option for 5.1 surround) and there doesn't seem to be any advanced options in these games.  I'm running Windows 10.

We believe we're running into an issue with some recording when it applies to surround sound. Thankfully, we're fairly positive of a fix coming in the next client update, and we'll keep testing it as well. 

However, are you running the speakers and headset at the same time for various audio sources, or just doing one or the other?

Speakers are listed as the default and headphones are listed as a "communication device".  So, Skype, Cisco Jabber, Curse, go through that communication device.  Otherwise, everything else goes through speakers.


If possible, can you try disabling the 5.1 surround and see if that helps?

When you say "disabling 5.1 surround", where should I be doing that?  My system settings are already set for 2 speakers and these games don't appear to have a setting for that.

Well to correct things and possibly pin-point the issue, there is a problem with the encoding we use and surround sound recording. However, we're not the only ones running across this issue. We're seeing the same kind of issues with Shadowplay and OBS. If you'd like, you can send in logs and I can check to see if it's the same audio format that is having the issue. While we identified this with 7.1 specifically, it's very possible it could affect 5.1 as well. 

Razer Kraken headsets can sometimes get around this because "KrakenHelper.exe" (or a name similar to that) is what is actively encoding the audio to 7.1. Disabling it does not allow the transfer, and thus recording audio works. 

So I'm unsure how you would do it for your system specifically, but disabling the surround was my first idea to see if it's related. If I had to guess, I'd look into the software for sound card, or just the Microsoft audio device options.

If it were a system setting, I would wonder why League, ESO, and Teamspeak all come over just fine.  I'll look around.

It only seems to affect programs that utilize the surround feature. If the game or application doesn't use it, then it probably would not be affected. We saw the same thing here that it was not affecting every game.

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