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How do I create and save a cut clip WITHOUT uploading?

As per title.

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Currently, there is no 'official' method to do that, although it's a feature request from some users. Right now, best method I've found is cut & edit it, hit the "Save to" button and then immediately cancel the upload. If it somehow uploads, then go onto the website and delete it. 

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Thank you so much, that worked! I was getting seriously bummed this wouldn't be possible as I have no desire to upload anything to +1

Hello, is there a link to the feature request? I would like to keep track of it as well.

There is not unfortunately. 

We keep it documented internally and feed it to our Product Staff. How they maintain it, I'm not entirely sure.

Best method I have is upload privately to website, then download it as an mp4 file (click the ellipses ... on your video to download). If there's a better method now I'd love to know

You actually can do this in the Beta App now. 

Just hit "Save Clip" instead of "Upload".

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