Start a new topic can't record League of legends only

Other game can recordĀ 

but League of legends only can't record

can you help me


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We'll have to investigate why it's not recording. I requested logs in the ticket you created.

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sorry, how to get logs

event log file ?

I had the same problem. I disabled my antivirus (AVAST) and now I have no problems. Hopefully it is the same.


@kitzgs - I explained how to send us logs in the ticket you created. Ticket # 28277

@HolyBlackJesus - Thanks for letting us know :-)

i have same problems, how can't i fix ?

If it's only affecting League of Legends, I would recommend:

  • Verifying video drivers are up to date.
  • Open as Administrator
  • Ensure that League of Legends is not running in any kind of compatibility mode.
  • Ensuring that your antivirus is not causing any issues with
If none of the above works, we'll probably need to get logs from you, so creating a ticket would be beneficial.
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