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Video Capture keeps turning it's self off.

Title says it. When I go into a game, and try to record, the video capture button slides to the off position No warnings, no errors. it just turns off. 

 Cloud we please just integrate back into raptr? Ever since you guys split the clients, there's been tons of problems. 

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@Zorlac - Sounds like there is another issue happening. I'd prefer if you make a ticket and send in your logs through the feedback tool. This may allow me to figure out what is happening. 

I don't believe we have any intentions to integrate the recording back into Raptr.

Upon searching I found several other posters with the same problem. I'll send the ticket anyway though. 

@Zorlac - Thanks for doing that. I have responded to the ticket.

I have the same Problem

there's no warning and no error, it just turn off by itself

Could you please help me to fix the problem?

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