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Can not be recorded League of League tw(台灣)

Do you know why I can not automatically League record it? I have had a successful record, then no. Have tried custom battle can be automatically recorded, with no players to play against, find problems, I hope to help answer

It should automatically record even if it was auto-hooked and not detected. I'd recommend making a ticket with logs attached after trying to record in LoL. I'd have to see what type of encoding it's using or if it's even detecting LoL at all.

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英雄聯盟,觀戰模式&自定對戰可以自動錄影,與玩家一般對戰都沒有反應,沒有任何錯誤訊息,I really want use this! (Watching mode) (Custom mode)

watching and custom can be automatically record

only players to against can't be record

We believe it's tied to the loading times (longer due to having to wait for everyone to load in) + Not detecting League of Legends. We can determine this if you send in your logs with a ticket. 

You can send it through the taskbar icon, Help > Feedback and fill out the information. Then post back here and let me know when you've done so.

I was having the same problem, but then I disabled my antivirus (AVAST) and now it works amazingly. Hope that helped.


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