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Updated Windows 10, not working anymore?

The Program worked perfectly and I was on an older version of Windows 10 before but after an upgrade to a newer version, the plays tv says my video card does not meet the requirements. Any fix? 

Have you tried re-installing video drivers? Typically if you have a card that meets requirements and you changed OS (whether in version or just an upgrade), we recommend re-installing video drivers to adapt for the newer OS.

thats what happend with me i updated windows 10 and then your video card is not compatible with
it was worcking verey good befor i update plz help
btw i have the latest amd driver instaled
getruptured dont try to format i did format my pc today just to fix and the same problem after format

@ksk1988 - Typically it will be a driver issue on why it's not working. Either that, or you have Windows 10 N edition which requires a Media Feature Pack to be installed. I upgraded to Windows 10 on 2 different PC's recently and only driver updates/clean-out were needed for everything to be working again.

Yes I already reinstall my video drivers and it still says requirements not met.


@getruptured - Are you using the N version of Windows?

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