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LoL PlaysTV Black screen and when trying to edit crashes program

I played a few games today and went to look back on how I did. Whenever I clicked on the videos to watch them PlaysTV instantly Crashes. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it didn't work. Any ideas on how to fix this?

@ShawnxP - We'll probably need to get logs to figure out why it's crashing. 

Can you do that by right-clicking on the Taskbar icon, going to Help > Feedback, and filling out the information. Post back here once you've done that so I can go look for it. Make sure to freshly recreate the issue too. Thanks!

Submitted the feedback! I played another game and still have the same issue.

the Ticket said

 - Disable Overwolf and Discord (Just for testing, it can sometimes cause hooking issues)

 - Elevate the Client as Administrator (I'm seeing an Access Violation to memory in the logs. Elevating it        might hurdle over that issue)

 - Reinstall the Client.

I have tried all 3 and nothing has been working... Anyone else have any tips or recommend me doing something else?

Thanks for letting me know. I've responded to the new ticket you made regarding the issue and would like you to see if is running in any kind of compatibility mode.

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