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Recordings have a very bad quality + green bar bug


I have encountered several problems with PlaysTV recordings ever since a while ago. The video is recorded at a very low quality, with some sort of color correction applied to it. Also when i attempt to record at 720p regardless of bitrate or framerate I get a green bar bug on the right side of the video.

1080p, 15bitrate example:

720p, 10bitrate example:

Thank you in advance for your assistance,

Sorin Vladu

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Thanks for letting us know. I know we're looking heavily into this new issue in regards to both the quality, color issue and green bar. 

Do you notice this only in League of Legends, or other games as well?

I notice the same problem actually , I have the green bar on the right side in League of Legends and if I put the quality in 1080 it shows me the screen all pixelated :(

The green bar is consistent with other games if I record at 720p. I haven't encountered the quality issues however in other games such as CS:GO and FIFA16.

Same thing actually.

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I can confirm that it happens as well on Dirt Rally.  Not sure if this coincides though with the AMD driver update as I did update yesterday, but when I used on the 27th, it was fine.

So when you recorded with Plays on the 27th you did not have the green line, but only after getting the 16.3.2 driver update from AMD did it start happening. When did you update to that?

Can someone answer to my ticket as well :( im having this problem as well, does anybody know why?


I updated yesterday (29th).  As you can see here

Green bar is there and this was during last night's game (I was up late so that was uploaded early this morning).

This one was on the 27th early in the morning:

As you can see with that one, I'm pretty sure it was the most recent up to date as I did have an update process to go through before using it and no green bar was up.

As I have a weekly period set aside to driver updates, its kinda hard for me to go back and fourth to figure out this issue as last AMD Driver I was under was 15.12,  Also under Windows 10.

The updating to an AMD driver shouldn't matter because some of my friends that use Plays TV had their settings changed or something (I use NVIDIA not AMD). For example I had really good quality up until a couple of days ago and the settings are the same but the quality varies between blurry and a weird more intense coloring instead of the quality I had. I have tried everything from changing the FPS/Bitrate and Quality but nothing has changed back to the original quality that it was.

Anyone want to put some system specs? It might help @verun out.

Experiencing the same problem after either the AMD graphics update or Plays tv update i dont recall

 It happened after that download. I am having trouble recording League even after reinstall. I have attached an image to show what I am seeing after every upload.

(1.76 MB)

I just posted a new forum post regarding the same problem.  

The problem isn't the latest AMD driver update- I immediately noticed that there was a severe drop in quality since the recent update a few days back (the one to introduce the chrome extension).

I played one game of league before the update, the recording looked good.

After the update, I played another game of league and the quality dropped immensely. 

I attached file comparisons (settings are constant, 60 fps, 720p, 10mb output). 

I tried reinstalling, and updated to the latest AMD driver today. No fix.

I'm running an R9 280x, FX 6300 and windows 10


(3.15 MB)

Thanks everyone for letting us know! We've already seen some of the tickets that some of you have created and have gathered the information, even if we have not responded yet. I'm hoping to be able to respond to them today though. I appreciate everyone's patience.

I know our engineering team is working hard on a solution, and it should be resolved soon. We completely understand how frustrating this can be!

Any additional details would be appreciated such as:

  • Is it happening in multiple games?
  • What resolution are you running it at?
  • Your system specs like GPU/CPU, etc
  • Any other small details we should know of (mods, 3rd party software, potential solutions or changes)
Some of you have already provided this and we greatly appreciate it!

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