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Bad Video Quality after uploading

Hey all

I'm currently using the "save highlight" feature, which works very good for me.

Settings are 1080p, 60fps and 50Mb/s Bitrate. (I was using the same settings with OBS before)

The video quality is good. Not the best, but ok.

I'm not directly uploading via Plays.Tv, I take the files (edit them sometimes) and render them with Sony vegas. (4K 60fps, 50K bitrate). The next thing I do is uploading the to YouTube. 

I know, that YT compresses Videos, for obvious reasons, but my PlaysTV highlights really look like utter garbage, compared to a video with the same quality from OBS.

(I'm talking about watching the video in 1080p, setting the quality to 4K makes it better, obviously)

Rendered file:

youTube video:

Thanks for letting us know and providing the 2 sample videos, it definitely helps. I'll let our engineering team know about the loss of quality. We may want to get logs from you as well so we can see what type of PC you have, and if there was any encoding issues. 

I also have a short question: Does the PlaysTV client record with a constant bitrate, or is it variable?

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@Sebi4434 - Variable. 

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Yes the loss of quality heavily affected me and I can't get it back to where it was. I've tried every setting in customs but it looks so blurry or either very weirdly coloured. 

@PaulRemyBacardi - Can you provide a screenshot of the issue? It can help us identify what the issue might be, or at least where to look. You could also create a ticket through the taskbar icon (Help > Feedback) and send in logs after recreating the problem.

@Verun these are 3 screenies

This one randomly changed from very good quality to this overnight (not sure how I didn't change anything and I use NVIDIA; can't be the card because everything else I've tested with the card is great)


The quality is really low and the colour is kind of gone you can see with the items, environment and champs lost colour.


This is the best quality I can get it to be it is at 720, 30 FPS, 15 Mb/s bitrate. Anything higher or lower will make it look like the ones above. It is still low quality and the whole recording has a loss of colour (as evident with TF's abilities and items being discoloured).

Interesting. Okay...thanks that helps a lot. I'm unsure if we're made aware of this issue already (I'll look through our recent bugs) or if it's related to the same color distortion/glitchy recordings that others have received.

Can you let me know what resolution you play LoL in?

1920x1080 Fullscreen

@PaulRemyBacardi - Haha okay. Thanks for the quick responses. Unfortunately, that doesn't give me too much info since that is an extremely common resolution (tbh, I was kind of hoping for something unique). I'll bring it up with engineering today to see if they're made aware of it. 

If you're willing, and have time, can you recreate the issue and then create a ticket through the taskbar icon (Help > Feedback) that includes the logs? Try to provide as much info as possible like you have been doing, and include those screenshots. It could be related to the other issues, but it might be new. If it is new, I'd like to see if we're already made aware or I need to escalate it. 

Let me know here once you've made the ticket. 

(Anyone else with this issue should do the same)

Alright I made the ticket. Hope it is of any use.

Thanks for sending that!

The same thing still happend , is not a bug , is intentionated since when you edit the video quality is good , but once you upload they decrease to avoid extra storage that a good quality video means . Problem is that they decrease too much e.e




@madocter - I'm afraid I don't see the lack of quality in the video you are presenting. Also, this is a post from 2 years ago.

im having the same problems with my videos... Just happens when i use vegas to do something to the video... crop it or add music or some effect. When i directly upload the video without any change it doesnt look weird...

here u have an example of what i mean:

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