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Audio problems when recording?

Ive made several recordings this week and so far I've experienced a massive drop in audio quality. The video quality is great and once I managed to equal my mic volume levels out the videos are better but the audio is dire.
As you can see from my previous videos made, theres a constant crackle/static/distortion over my recordings. This occurs even when my mic is muted. I dont experience this on any other recording software (ie. fraps)

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What type of headset/speaker system are you using?

I use corsair 1500's when recording, but Logitech speakers for general use. 

We've noticed some potential issues depending on the headset. There are 2 ways we can try to figure this out:

  • Check to see if the headset has options to disable 7.1 temporarily. See if that gets rid of the crackling.
  • Send in your logs through the Taskbar Icon, Help > Feedback. Let me know if you did this.

I also have this same problem

I too. Audio quality is very poor.. :/ 

I experience this too. Using logitech speakers with no headset or mic connected. 


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