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Green lines after update

So my plays tv was working perfectly before the update few days ago , im getting RGB lines on the whole session/video. I sent support ticket but still no answer so i hope someone can help here. 

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@realpbc - Ah okay. 

You can try downloading the 1.9.1 version of the client to see if it helps you. You may have to download it manually from our site.

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 630

Game resolution is 1920x1080, recording resolution is 480p at 5mb/s

Thanks for letting us know! We're still investigating and testing to get a fix in place.

@realpbc - What GPU are you using?

Also, let us know what resolution you're running in.

I have this problem only with CS:GO. The stripes are like Zaosato's up there ^^. These are my specs if you wan't to check them out:

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz

Memory: 16.0 GB

System type: 64-Bit Operating System

Its almost fixed in the new(1.9.1) version it just happens in random momments.Still better than the whole session XD. Fix it pls.

same problem here mine is even worse lmao

I can look into and try to dig up an old installer and provide instructions for how to stop an auto-update. Although because the client ties so heavily with the website, there may be some features that may not work when it comes to uploading. However, I believe we're hoping to just solve it.

Isn't there a way to download and use old verison(disable auto updates from services or something like that) until this issue is fixed?

No fix as of yet, but we're definitely working on it and are hoping to have a fix out soon. 

I'm getting the same issue, any updates on how to fix?

I have this problem :C

Thanks for letting me know on the forums!

We're currently investigating this issue heavily to find the cause and solution. 

For those that are getting this issue we are asking:

  • Check to see if multiple games are causing this issue, or only specific ones. 
  • Check to see if changing resolution, Vsync, or Recording Quality helps anything.
  • Send in your logs after recreating the problem so we can get them to engineering. I've already requested logs in the ticket you made.
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