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Changing brightness for video recording

I have noticed that my in-game videos which recorded with Plays.TV are very dark brightness wise and was wondering how I'd be able to change the brightness? 
Would that be done through the Plays.TV client or? 

In the game (Wolfenstein Enemy Territory) I have the brightness set to high so I'd be able to see the other players a lot better (Including snipers) and would have thought that with the brightness in-game the client would record my gameplay as it is, however when watching them back I notice they are very dark. 

Any way around this?

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There have been some issues regarding color distortion and dropped quality in the latest client that we're looking into, so it's possible that it might be related to that. However, do you have a sample video we can see?

Additionally, creating a ticket and sending in logs might help to see if it's getting any errors.

Let me know if you need help on how to do that.

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