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Mute Microphone hotkey works, but during recording, mute apparently isn't respected

I was making a few vids last night and I noticed at the end of a vid that I heard myself.  I see the greenbar on the right is already noted and added to the appropriate forum post.  However, I did push the hotkey (using default Ctrl + ] ) to mute the microphone.  On the top left, it showed the microphone muted icon.  I went on to do the recordings.  When done, I went to put the race ones up and suddenly I heard my voice during a moment and I was perplexed.  Anyone else having issues with the Mute Microphone hotkey not working for recording?

I can have us test it as well. Does this happen in all games, or just a few?

Which game did you notice this in?

I tried this during DiRT Rally and it was the first time I was using it.  I tend to stream so isn't always active on certain games to test with, but I can test more today as I finished my work.

Sounds good, that could be helpful.

Also, can you let me know what type of headset/microphone you use?

It may shine some light on the issue.

Well I went to test with Brawlhalla and Plays.TV apparently doesn't work for it so that was out of the question.  Since I already know it was tested with DiRT Rally, I went on to something else.  Geometry Wars 3 seemed to work so I tested with that.  Picture provided shows the mute mic icon on the top left (hud position setup).  Session Recording had already started so I went on.  Did a quick game.  Started video clip.  Side note: No green bar bug in this one O_o so I will report that in the other forum.  Mid point through the game, I got killed and made a small quip and an extra comment.  Mute Mic was still shown in the top.  My voice was heard.  Just in case, I went to the session video and it was even played on that so while the icon is showing, muted mic wasn't working.  Here is small clip link:

I went to do one more quick test to see if it occurs.  I forgot to take another snapshot, but it shows the mic mute icon again.  But here is another small clip.

My current setup is I use VoiceMEETER Banana which has my headset (including mic) routed to 2 virtual speakers and virtual mics (so certain things will only work on certain programs for certain reasons).  Default Mic in Plays.TV Should be routed to the default mic set in windows which is the main virtual mic which my headset mic is currently routed to.  Headset is a Monoprice Black 7.1 Dolby Digital Amplified Gaming Headset


I wonder if it's having issue with VoiceMEETER Banana. 

Is there a method where you can disable it temporarily just to see if our software is having a problem with it? If it's too much trouble, don't worry. 

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