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when i make a video is all black

when i make videos of league of leguends it do it but all the screen is black , the sound is cool but the screen and the desk-top doesnt show nothing, altough how i can develop a solution.


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Typically the black screen is caused by us hooking into one GPU, while the game is running off a different one. This tends to be more common on dual-GPU notebooks, APU's or SLI/Crossfire machines. Are you using a laptop by chance?

i have a cpu with this spec.. i dont know if i cando anything with resolution

I have the same problem, but i know that one friend has a computer worst than mine, and he has not that problem any solution?

There is any solution against that?? Because i have the same problem, using a laptop

Is that the only method you have for graphics processing, or do you have a discrete GPU?

You could also try re-installing your AMD video drivers to see if that helps.

@PanerSkill - The only methods you can try are:

  • Re-installing your video drivers.
  • Place your PC in a High Performance mode for and then reboot.
It's basically a matter of finding how to get your laptop to utilize the discrete GPU by having it not use the onboard chipset.

it was my fault i didnt check how old version was the drivers of the AMD and adjustin the resolution of the capture video it vas on 1080 and i was having a ping of 150

Good to know! Let me know if any other issues come up!

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