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Color balance and video quality drop since recent patch


Since the recent patch a few days back (the patch that introduced the chrome extension) the video recording quality has dropped. 

I have linked screenshots to compare the drop in the quality. The same video settings were used in both (720p, 60fps, 10Mb output). 

I have also noticed that other people's recordings have the same drop in color and quality.

I am using an R9 280x, FX 6300 and Windows 10. 

I also tried reinstalling plays tv.

I really love using and I hope this problem gets fixed soon (I haven't been using the software to record gameplay since the update).


(3.15 MB)

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Thanks for providing all this info (I saw your other forum post too)!

We are looking into the color correction definitely. The loss in quality is a bit more difficult to track down, but I tend to notice it. The only difficult part when it comes to the comparison between the 2 screenshots is they are showing different characters, locations and points of view (one is more zoomed in then the other). However, looking at the chat window and some other portions of the screenshots, I do notice a fuzziness, almost like someone rubbed vaseline on a lens. 

We can definitely look into this for you. I see you already created a ticket, so I'll get the information there for better sorting. We want you to have good quality recordings, so we'll figure this out.

Although the Chrome Extension has been out a bit longer than the most recent patch :-)

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I updated to the latest version of 1.9.1. This fixed all my issues.

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