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Recording Problems: Recordings are not visable with green lines

 Hello, I seem to have a problem with my client. I have been using it for roughly 1 month straight and it worked fine all the time but recently i started having issuses with recordings. I'm playing League of Legends and the problem I'm having is that sometimes the client does not record games at all without leaving any note but the problem I'm more concered about is that whenever I record a game, the recorded file is green and black. Here is an example:

 So apprentally there is a problem with the recording in general. It says at the start of a game that is recording and at the end of the game the client pops up without having the played game recorded nor shown. I do see some files in the folder though:

On the top you see the games that have been recorded some weeks ago, they are completly fine and I can view them but the bottom ones are unviewable and they seem to not be as large as the other viewable recordings. pls send help i need to record my plays ;'(

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We're aware of this issue and are working on a fix for it that should hopefully be released soon. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Can you let me know what GPU you are using?

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 I have the Nvidia GTX 570 and I tried updating the driver. Even with the newest driver the problem is not fixed :/

@Zaosato - Well that card doesn't support VCE so you're probably falling back onto Software Encoding. 

Update: If you're using the 1.9.1 client, it should be resolved. Let us know if you're still having a problem though.

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I have the same issue. Where can I download the 1.9.1 client?

@DarkSamuel -

 Thanks it's actually working now! I also noticed that the recordings have a little lag/stutter as you can see on my latest uploads. Any ideas? I haven't had these stutters when I started using the Client and my older recordings run more smooth. I am using the lowest recording settings.

I updated to 1.9.1, still the same issue

@Zaosato - The stuttering could be based your machine. Would you be able to create a ticket and include logs about this issue? To send logs you just right-click on the taskbar icon, select Help > Feedback, fill out the info and make sure the checkbox is selected. Post back here to let me know you have sent it. 

@scuba156 - I see that you made a ticket about this issue about a week ago. If you're still getting this issue, I'd like to get logs from you again and get a screenshot of what the recordings look like. I'll provide more instruction in the ticket you made for sending logs. Thanks!

I've sent the log files and the feedback through the client. Should I create a new ticket now?


@Zaosato - It's okay. When you send feedback it makes a new ticket. I'll reply to you there.

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Plays.TV client doesn't support recording on Intel HD graphics 4400 card? I have the same issue as others in this topic. Audio ok, green mess on the screen instead of video.


We should be able to record on the Intel 4400. However, if you're still getting the green mess on the screen, I'd recommend updating drivers. If that doesn't work, create a ticket since we'll want to get logs.

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